Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Diversionary Project

I studied all day. I'm not sure if I learned anything. In fact, I may have officially forgotten everything that I learned in law school. But at some point, I gave up because I simply couldn't handle it anymore.

So I made this:
It came from and it was super-easy, super-fast, and and easy cable, which made it super-fun.

It will be on its way to Leah on Monday. I had read this book about Starbucks:
and one of the things that the company was concerned about was the environmental effects of using all of the cardboard that they did. Having the coffee at a certain temperature is key to the enjoyment of the coffee, but it was so hot that people were using two cups so they could hold it. And then the company made the coffee sleeves so that it wasted less paper. I like this because it's even more environmentally friendly! This way, Leah will keep it in her purse, and when she treats herself to Starbucks, she'll use this instead of a cardboard sleeve every time. I'm quite excited about it - all of my friends and family may be getting these as their next presents...

Here are a few more pictures of the coffee cup sleeve:


Jane said...

Cute! You will have to let me know how much she uses it. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I have a lot of family who does. It would make a great, practical, environmentally friendly gift . . . if they will use it ;)

Knitted Gems said...

I'm glad you were able to sneak in a little bit of knitting - for sanity's sake. The cabled glass cozy looks great. I just love fun, little projects.

mammabear said...

Great idea! I am glad you took a break if you are like me knitting will relax you. Good luck on the rest of your studying.