Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dry Spell

Eek. Four months. The days passed and I was doing things, I was knitting, I was even occasionally taking pictures of my knit things. And yet, I failed to blog. I don't know why. I simply didn't do it. I was recently hanging out with my cousin and he said to me, "Do you blog?" I said no. He meant that I should blog about legal stuff, which, really, I have no interest in doing. I have enough trouble blogging about the knitting, which requires only the emotional connection and no research or substantiated opinions.

So. In the past four months, since the slouchy beret (I will take pictures, but I think I may be frogging it in favor of making a lacy scarf), I made a blanket for my cousin for her graduation party, a blanket for my secretary's son and his wife for their new baby, a scarf, hat and mittens set for the grand-daughter of one of the women at work, a pair of mittens for my friend, and sixty (yes, sixty) sachets for my friend's bridal shower favors. I have loved each and every project in its own way. I especially love these favors, though I will admit that I was exceptionally bored with making them by the end.
The favors:

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