Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peachy-Keen, Jelly Bean

Denise of Lost City Knits is giving away yarn through a contest on her blog, http://www.lostcityknits.blogspot.com/. In return for your contest entry, she would like to know how you eat peaches. Of course, I entered. What I said was: My favorite peach-eating method is fresh, with a nice somewhat firm resistance in the skin, and the feel of the fuzz against your lips. The kind that you eat with a paper towel or a napkin in the non-peach hand ready to catch the juices that escape the mouth and rapidly cascade down the chin threatening to drop onto whatever clothes you are wearing - no fabric avoids the peach nectar.

What I didn't add is that my non-baking grandmother had a recipe for peach pie, which of course she made with canned peaches, but the description of which was accompanied by a hand motion indicating how one is to lay out the peaches. Although my grandmother has been dead for nearly twenty five years, the hand motion survives.

Also the Body Shop used to have these perfume oils (they may still have them - I just don't know) and my friend and I used to go and get the sample paper things with the peach oil on them. We stuck one in between the pages of a journal we kept of important things, and years later, when I opened the book, I was instantly transported due to the lingering scent.

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