Friday, February 1, 2008

Perfect Day for Knitting

Today is a dreary, rainy day. It is a perfect day for knitting.

Last evening I started Melanie's scarf. I started originally on size 0 needles. I've never worked on anything that tiny before. The only thing even close was my father's scarf on the size 2s. Somewhere I had found these size 0s, and I'm not even sure where they came from, but they're plastic. Why anyone would make size 0 needles out of plastic is beyond me. Because when I attempted to cast on, this is what happened:

Yep. The needles snapped right in half. So now I'm doing it on size ones, all in seed stitch. We'll see if Melanie likes it. She is worried that the Paprika color might be too orangey for her skin.

So far, I'm pleased with it, though, and I might continue with it even if it's not right for Melanie.

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