Thursday, April 10, 2008

Humbling Knitting: It Helps to Read the WHOLE Pattern

Yeah. So I'm an idiot. The reason that my version of the scarf didn't work was that I had apparently only written down half of the pattern. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it and why my pattern didn't look the way the original one did. Yeah. This would be why. D'oh!

Before I figured it out, though, I tried it on size 4 needles, thinking maybe that would make the difference. I then realized that I had done it wrong, and ultimately decided to do it on the size 8s once I did it the right way. I liked it on the 4s, but the needles are *really* small if I want to be able to finish it in time to give it to my friend before the end of finals (and actually study for my finals, too...)

This is the pattern on the size 4s:
Ironically, I guess because of the way the photographs are, I don't know that you can actually tell the difference between the size four needles (above) and the size 8s (below).

This is what the pattern is supposed to look like. I like it a lot more now that I did it the right way...
Also, I still think this pattern really deserves a darker color. Someday, maybe if I ever make anything for myself... A nice solid dark in a bamboo, cotton or silk would be nice, on small needles. But I think when I do really spend the money and make something for myself, it should be more than a scarf.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I've stared at both pictures. I've tried the "what's different between the two pictures" game ... and I'm at a loss. One is obviously shorter than the other, but that's it. Is it the width you want it?

yarnprincess said...

Yeah. On the Fours and on the Eights, it looks exactly the same, but I think it is mostly due to the pictures. In real life, on the fours, it looked a little smaller, a little tighter, a little less fluffy. The real difference is between the post on April 7th (where I didn't do the whole pattern so I didn't get the wave thing) and April 10th (where I did the pattern the correct way so I did get the waves).