Monday, April 7, 2008

Up Close & Personal

I feel like I need a macro lens to accurately take pictures of my knitting. I don't know why I can capture a hummingbird sucking the nectar out of a bird of paradise but I can't seem to accurately convey the detail of the knitting.

This scarf, like so much that I have been doing recently, comes from SMarieKnits. Surprise, surprise -- most of the patterns I have been doing lately have been hers. They're fantastic. Easy patterns that look complex and fancy, but that I can actually manage to work my way through.

This is the Asherton Scarf.
However, it doesn't look anything like hers. :( I know that's not a prerequisite in a scarf, but I chose the Asherton because I liked the way it looks. I wonder if mine might look more like the prototype if it were done on smaller needles. The problem isn't so much that it needs to look like the original as that I don't know if I like it the way it is. And so I ask your opinions:

1. Should this be on smaller needles?
2. Should this be narrower (it's nearly 6.5" wide now, which would probably be helped by smaller needles.
3. Is this the right pattern for this color (the color requested by my friend) or does this pattern look too much like a baby blanket in this light lilac)?
4. If not this pattern, any suggestions for a free, easy-ish pattern like this one?

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Anonymous said...

First, your pictures are fine. They look better than mine.

Second, you're right, the scarf is going to be a bit wide. You could go down in needle size and that might take an inch out of the width. Or you could just eliminate one of the repeats. Rather than 3 repeats that you have now, just knit two across. You will still love knitting the pattern (for you won't be changing it) and you will acheive the size you want.

Good Luck!