Saturday, April 12, 2008

Knit Your Own Karma

I was poking around on IMDB and eventually found myself on a page for a movie called "Knit Your Own Karma." It doesn't appear to be anything like what I would think it would be for that title. Apparently, it's something more like a bleak future world. But I liked the title. It seems to go much more with the Smile Cards that I got in the mail yesterday.

I ordered the Smile Cards after seeing the post on Steph's blog, "Girl Meets Yarn" about her random acts of kindness. I guess I was sort of on the lookout for good things to be able to do. Wednesday morning, my friend said she wasn't feeling well. She had been sick since the weekend, and was really feeling terrible. When she went into her office, one of her co-workers said, "You don't look that bad." What she wanted was sympathy, she said. What she wanted was for someone to offer to get her chicken soup. So I called a local deli near her office and had them send her chicken noodle soup, a sandwich and a soda. She was very excited about it.

What's your good deed of the day?


Jane said...

That was a great idea. I love to suprise people out of the blue. I'm sure you made her day and she will never forget it.

The Happy Cell said...

I wrote the IMDB review for that film - it's very upbeat and I thoroughly recommend it to you if you get a chance to see it!