Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hauling Yarn, or How I Lost Respect for the F150

I have always been a fan of various Ford vehicles. For almost as long as I can remember, my dream car has been the Mustang convertible and if I were to get a truck, I have always said that I would get a Ford F150. But now I'm not so sure.

The most recent Ford ad lauds steps that lead in and out of the cargo space. The voice over implies that it is a big deal for anyone who has real cargo. The voice says, "unless all you're carrying is yarn, it's a no brainer." Oh really? And what if you are carrying yarn? Do you not deserve the steps? Is yarn not worthy of being carried in the F150? Why? Is it not manly enough? What's heavier, a pound of yarn or a pound of cement?

I hope the Madison Avenue geniuses who created this ad never ask the knitters in their lives for hand-knit watchcaps. A big thumbs-down to Ford, and to their ad agency for continuing and promoting negative gender stereotypes.

One of the things that I love about modern knitting is that knitters defy gender stereotypes. Ian Johnson is a hero of mine because he combines crafting and football, two things I adore:


Joanne said...

I totally agree about sterotyping. Obviously, whoever dreamed up that ad was clueless. I doubt that my yarn stash would fit in the back of any pick up truck. Now that would make a great ad. I can just see it, a pickup truck loaded with boxes of yarn. The camera cuts to the boots of the driver entering the cab and then pans up to the driver checking the rear view mirror as she drives off. In the seat next to her is her kniting bag with needles and current project spilling over. The anouncer come and says: Got yarn? We have the truck! Or, Got a big project? Now that would hit home.

Jane said...

What a great story! Why should men be afraid of being crafty? My middle son wants to learn how to knit, but he is struggling with it right now. I think crochet would be an easier yarn craft for a child to learn, but this mom hasn't figured out how to do it yet ;)

Lauren said...