Monday, March 10, 2008


So I generally had a good knitting weekend, but I also had a tough knitting weekend. I had made this shawl for my mother, and it took me forever. It's lace and beads and you put the beads on with a 1 mm crochet hook. But apparently, the gauge piece that I made wasn't really as accurate as I thought it was. The shawl came out barely large enough to drape over the shoulders. It really and truly took me forever but if she isn't going to wear it, it's not worth having. So this weekend, I ripped it. If she won't wear it, it's not worth having. No matter *how* much work it was to do it.

This is the shawl, pre-pond (frog pond, that is...)

As upset as I was to have to frog it, there are places you can see that I messed up, so I'm happy to have an opportunity to fix it the second time around. No guarantee that it will be any better, but at least I'll have a second chance for the same initial price layout of yarn!


Jane said...

What a shame! The shawl is beautiful. I can't imagine having to rip out all that work. Good luck with the redo.

Joanne said...

This is a beautiful shawl and the pearls really set it off. I feel that frogging is just another step in the process of knitting. I have learns so much from my mistakes. Good luck. Joanne